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3We have taken some considerable time and effort into the selection of the brands that we distribute.  As active outdoors people we have personal experience with our brands but we have not let our own positive experience be the only driver in our selection.  We have consulted with other users to get their opinion and so our decisions have been shaped by a collective experience on seven continents, the highest mountains, hottest deserts, tempestuous seas, turbulent rivers, placid lakes and deepest caves.  Our range covers the full spectrum of use from high performance individual requirements to those of group instruction at all levels of competency.

Our driving criteria for selection has been that our brands

  • have an unsurpassed reputation for quality and reliability.
  • they meet all the safety requirements of the international community and relevant legislation in mature markets.
  • that they are innovators that not only produce great outdoor gear but are also involved in the development of new and exiting products.
  • the equipment and products perform as they are advertised and will not let you down when you need them most:  in the most challenging situations, where a replacement is not at hand and when the conditions are most demanding.  In short, they do what they say on the packet and keeping on performing as designed.

Camp & Trek

Vango: Wide range of tents, sleeping bags, rucksacs and general outdoor accessories.  Products with great reputation for value and robustness.

Buff Multi-Functional Headwear: This seamless, tubular headgear can be worn in loads of different ways: as a scarf, cap, headscarf, facemask, balaclava, headband, wristband.

Cascade Designs’ brands include Thermarest, Platypus, MSR and Sealline

  • Thermarest: The original self inflatable sleeping mattresses.
  • Platypus: Producers of water bladders and sports hydration systems.
  • MSR: Wide range of outdoor equipment but real specialist and world leaders in multi-fuel stoves and high performance tents.
  • Sealline: Wide range of canoe and kayak accessories including waterproof bags for electronic  equipment, holdalls for paddles and duffle bags.

Trangia: Simple, safe and extremely effective stoves that are very suitable for individuals, family or youth groups.

Highlander: Highlander was created from a passion for adventure and the outdoors. Founded in Edinburgh in 1985, we are proud to remain a Scottish based, family-owned company.


Lowe Alpine: Technical day and expedition rucksacs with a superb reputation for performance.  Also produce a wide range of travel luggage and accessories (like hats and gloves).

LifeSystems: The essentials for travel into the unknown – First aid kits, insect repellents, mosquito nets, mountain survival and water purification.

Life Venture: Specialist adventure travel luggage and accessories.

Little Life: Travel cots, papooses and those key items that make the outdoors with little people easier and safe.

Montane: Leightweight, Endurance Mountain Gear. Lightweight without compromise. Discover the innovative, breathable clothing ranges designed by Montane.


Endura:  High quality functional, attractive and robust apparel and accessories for the road and mountain biker.

Ergon: Multi-award winning ergonomic grip, saddle and backpack brand. Developed by sports scientists and ergonomic experts for optimal comfort and performance


Singing Rock: Equipment for Climbing and Industrial rope access.

Tendon (LANEX): Producer of climbing, sailing and caving ropes, accessory cord and climbing accessories such as bouldering mats.  Climbing ropes are particularly suitable for Gulf Region as they are Teflon coated and provides improved abrasion resistance.

Five Ten: The Brand of the Brave, is a leader in performance, high-friction footwear. Climbing, Mountain Bike and Hiking Shoes.

Wild Country: Highly innovative climbing gear and producer of the original camming devices.

FIXE: Specialist climbing hardware for preparation of sports routes and industrial applications.

Boreal: Mountaineering boots, climbing shoes and socks.

DMM: Climbing and mountaineering hardware including traditional climbing equipment and the world leader in carabiner development and production.

Trango: US produced climbing including the Cinch assisted belay device.


Feel Free: Sit-on-top kayaks and accessories; very popular fun boats for individuals and schools.  Wide range of canoe and kayak accessories including waterproof bags, holdalls and duffle bags.

Werner: Premier paddle brand and for offering the most advanced designs in the world. Carbon fibre construction.

PeakBuoyancy aids, protective clothing, spray decks, rescue equipment and accessories.

Handiworld: Handiracks are the world’s first and leading inflatable roof rack.  One rack fits all hard top vehicles.  Ideal for carrying canoes, surfboards and similar outdoor sports equipment.

Ocean Glasses: Innovative and versatile sun glasses designed for kayakers, kite surfers, sailors and anybody that wants eye protection on the water without risk of losing their glasses.

Pyranha: Enclosed kayaks that are designed for white water.  Very popular for teaching kayaking skills and for use in groups teaching environments and games such as kayak water polo.

Venture Kayaks: Wide range of kayaks for touring.  Good entry level boats for kayakers starting to tour.  Also produce kayaks designed for fishing from.

Venture Canoes: Open ‘Canadian’ type canoes.

P&H: Top end sea and touring kayaks made out of Kevlar and carbon fibre, can be tailor made to order.  For use on long tours, endurance racing and challenging environments.


Artificial climbing walls have come along way in the last 30 years.  There are a huge number of brands and options available.  We believe that if you are going to invest in a climbing wall that you should be investing in a product that provides a realistic, stimulating and safe climbing experience.  That is why we have partnered with Walltopia and HRT; two of the worlds largest and most innovative companies working with artificial climbing structures.  Each wall is designed to meet the client’s specific requirements and every component is designed and produced to the international standards to ensure quality and safety.

WalltopiaSpecialist manufacture of innovative artificial climbing structures suitable for schools, sports halls, malls and even private residence and military.  Production of walls is completed in the largest purpose built manufacturing facility in Europe prior to shipping and installation at site.

RopetopiaSubsidiary of Walltopia designing and installing high quality bespoke ropes courses.

HRT: Specialist producer of climbing holds and pull up boards.

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